English Dr. prescribing medicinal Cannabis flower
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Part 1
While in Germany few years back, over Xmas time, I became very blocked in my colon, from, I believe, eating walnuts. Unbeknown to me, I had developed Pollips in my colon. This resulted in my having 25cm removed in an operation. Afterwards the Dr just told me, you’ll have to learn to live with it now, not telling me what that meant.

Shortly after, I was told the Pollips had come back, so, at least once a year, I’d have an excruciating auto immune attack which I assumed was what they meant with living with the condition.

For income reasons, I returned to England, in November 2022 after a 14 month wait for social support, as work dried up after COVID. In those 14 months, I survived from my crypto savings. When that was nearly all spent, I faced the prospect of becoming insolvent and homeless in the same month. With no social housing available to me, even though I had lived and paid taxes for 16 years in Germany, there was zero help. So I was forced to bail, leaving my children behind!

Then just two months later I was rushed to hospital with all organ (renal) failure, dying basically. The Dr told my family I was not expected to survive the night. But some how I did. This continued to, in 2023, with 4.5 months in hospital where I had 4 operations, died twice, so resuscitated with big electric shocks. The resuscitation, caused new issues, I now have peripheral nerve damage in my feet and right-hand, but worst than that is the PTSD which left me so emotionally week. Crying most days, triggered by any emotional thoughts, positive or negative. That with leaving my 14 year old daughter 😪 in Germany, which keeps playing on my mind and in my dreams.

Next I did take high strength organic CBD, for as long as I could afford to, in high does to get me off the medicine (Amitriptyline 50mg) which was given to reduce the agony of the nerve damage, but which actually caused my depression to increase. So now I am trying to get myself, medicinal cannabis to further reduce the pain from walking and to lift my mood some more.

Medicinal Cannabis businesses suppliers.
A kind lady, Sarah Eggleton, the Founding Director of MCPA (https://www.mcpa.uk/) replied to my enquiry about UK based Cannabis Medicine suppliers, with:
“You would need to join a clinic such as Integro, Sapphire” Sapphire Medical Clinics Ltd has now rebranded as Curaleaf Clinic: https://curaleafclinic.com/ (https://app.curaleafclinic.com) I choose to go first with Curaleaf because they seemed to be based in the north or England, where I am. So on their app, I used my NHS login, to create an account and for an easy way to provide access to my medical records, as evidence of my rightful request for cannabis medicine. Then at the last step, I was to book an appointment, which I was unable to do in their app. And I noticed at a charge of £50 (British pound!) would be charged. This was the first time I saw anything about a charge. It is not written on their website, so being Universal Credits and Disability Living Allowance benefits, I called them, mentioning, this expecting concessions. But no, concessions are not available and so I felt deceived and told them so. I also dropped a comment about this on one of their LinkedIn posts, which was promptly deleted and reposed, so hiding the legitimate comment. This for me rings alarm bells. Any, so called compassionate business that can’t take a comments about their hidden charges, is suspect at best.

So I thought I try Integro (https://www.integroclinics.com/) where I found on their contact us page:

“Prescribed cannabis medications are through private prescriptions only. Please note our consultations with one of our consultants is £95 per session *”

At lease they are upfront, in any case I called to them to ask about concessions, but they take so long to answer, I gave up. So I emailed them and I have copied this from their website:

Clinic Prices Remote
Video Initial Consultation Fee £95.00
Video Follow-Up Mandatory (Doctor/nurse or pharmacist) consultation Fee £49.00
Optional Nurse / Pharmacist consultation £40.00
Repeat prescription admin fee £30.00

Clinic Prices in person
Harley St follow-up Consultation Fee £195.00
Harley St Initial Consultation Fee £195.00

The cost of Cannabis medicines will vary depending on what is prescribed for the individual and start at £150 for a month’s supply of medicine.

All of the businesses mentioned on this article were shared a link to where this article is published and invited to respond.

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