Cannabis flos Bedrocan 5g
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I am very much involved with the 420 world, professionally and through supporting activism.

Like many of us, over the years, our health suffers. I’ve chipped a bone in my ankle in 2010, having keyhole surgery some years later to reduce the ongoing discomfort. Then towards the end of 2017, I needed to have 25cm of my colon removed and I caught Lyme’s disease! And having tried BIG Pharma solutions for long enough, I decided, enough was enough, and to seek medical cannabis. I had been medicating with cannabis already for many a year, but as we all know, this is hazardous. So, as soon as I learned about a favourable Dr. that was accessible, I immediately made an appointment. Fortunately, Germany, where I live as an expat, has made great strides in the field of medicinal cannabis. To learn more, about what’s accessible in Deutschland, see this PDF (in German) from:

At my first appointment and to my surprise I was given a prescription for Ethanol.Dronabinol (Cannabis Oil) immediately. I was not in any doubt I was in need of this and delighted the Dr. agreed.

But, as I was soon to find out, getting a prescription is not the end of the battle. As, currently it is not standard for ones medical insurance, here, to pay for cannabis medicine.
For my first prescription, of:

DRONABINOL BIONORICAETHICS (Ethanolishe Dronabinol) 1g


I was quoted €800-€820 locally and €610 incl. P&P from an online chemist! Sadly far to expensive for me!
The Avie Walburga Apotheke (chemist) has the best prices I could find and currently offers:

  • Pedanios 18/1 – 10g
  • Penelope – 10g
  • Pedanios 22/1 – 10g
  • Orange No. 1 – 10g
  • Bedrocan – 5g
  • Red No. 2 – 10g

So at my next Dr. appointment I returned the prescription explaining the price meant it was out of reach, so I asked for a smaller amount and some cannabis buds, to try.
Cannabis flos Sorte Bedrocan 5g prescription (Rezept)
Because I don’t smoke, clearly I prefer to not have too, to take a medicine. But I wanted some to try some dried plant to see if I could vape it in my Aromed vaporiser.

So I came away with two new prescriptions:
Ethanol.Dronabinol Lsg. 50mg/ml 10ml €362,56
Ethanolische-Dronabinol Lsg 50mg 10ml prescription (Rezept)
(so €360 for 10ml and €800 for 100ml ! – Sorry I will not pay this)

Ka Ching €164,64

€164,64 for Cannabis flos Sorte Bedrocan 5g

The Bedrocan Cannabis flos 5g, 25x Pulverkapseln a 0,2g (THC-Gehalt: ca. 22%, CBD-Gehalt: < 1%) was €164,64 so I could afford!


Collecting my first Cannabis from the local chemist

Collecting my first Medical Cannabis from the local chemist in Germany

The genetics of “Bedrocan” comes from the Sensi Seeds strain “Jack Herer”. According to Sensi Seeds, Jack Herer is a gene stabilized F2 ((Northern Lights # 5 / Skunk # 1) / C1) x Haze Breeding. The Indica and Sativa share is 50%, according to Sensi Seeds.

This Bedrocan weed, it’s actually not bad, feeling wise… feels really pleasant, while not overpowering… the taste though! is like home-grown from the 80s due to the terpenes being killed-off by gamma radiation! which is typical of BIG Pharma – the last thing they want is for medicine to taste nice! But as a painkiller, mood enhancer, appetite stimulant and overall health supplement its very effective.

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