Online Security Brings Privacy
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Part 1
Developing good privacy and so security practices is a process and comes at the cost of inconvenience. One should start by asking oneself, who are my adversaries, list them and what vectors are then likely will use. List them too, there will be many and many more unknown.

Example vectors used by the adversaries, likely will be; a private detective agency, a legal team, Internet Service Providers & popular computer systems harvested data, even data scooped up by state security agencies, like; GCHQ, MI5 etc – which is everything. Even the keys you press on your PCs devices are recorded.

Each of these vectors have their own tools, many of which are unknown publicly eg. Pegasus Spyware:

In short, to be reducing the amount of data you allow the vectors to access for the adversary, is very complex, always changing, but the more hard it is, the less you will leak.

Stop Using ‘Tools of Tyranny’, instead keep control of your privacy and data by using:

Search Engines

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Open-source App/Software


Firefox Browser

Thunderbird Email

These are are just a few of the best, most well  known and established.

Open-source Communications, Chat, Rooms, File Sharing, Voice & Video Calling

Matrix – An open network for secure, decentralized communication
TIP: Use: Element – Free end-to-end encrypted messaging, with unlimited voice and video calls

Telegram, while many times better that WhatsApp, is still corporate owned and not fully opensource. If you want to use, be sure to download direct from:

And don’t reply on default settings for privacy, though 100x better than WhatsApp, you still need to set all chats to “Secret Chat” and tweak the Settings/Privacy and Security:

Telegram PC Security & Privacy settings

Those settings are from my PC, so are not all the same in mobile apps.

Video sharing


TIP: use the App:

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by watching, which can saved or used to tip and support video creators.

Other censor resistant video sharing platforms are:




Saved the most important to last, as without this and even with encrypting your emails, everything
you write, is open to the authorities.
The only one worth mentioning is: Mullvad VPN as they don’t ask for any personal information
and its vary fast, with nearly 700 servers (nodes) all around the world, there will always be one near

And best of all, you can pay with Monero $XMR (privacy) crypto:
(Tip use the CAKE wallet: to pay for Mullvad VPN
So they won’t know a thing about you, so can not reveal your online activity, even with a court order.

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