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No Privacy without Security

In case you need your own cloud server, I have recently migrated my OwnCloud (owncloud.com) to a new NextCloud (nextcloud.com) installation and done the additional server hardening NextCloud advises.

Because OwnCloud are no longer updating the PHP version they run on, from PHP7 and as that version of PHP has reached end of life, meaning over time, OwnCloud will become more and more insecure, as the underlying PHP won’t be, updated, so no longer patched. Therefore, I won’t be offering OwnCloud installations any more, instead providing the superior NextCloud, which is actually based on a fork of OwnCloud. So in practice, very similar.

NextCloud though a superior suite of apps, for both Google Android and Apple iOS. Which allows you to sync across multiple devices. As of writing (13th May 2024) the Files app on Android, seems buggy and needs restarting, if you switch away to another app and come back. So make sure to save save your work, with the tick button, top right, before jumping away. In the browser, at least in my Firefox, this bug does not present its self.

Regain control of your Data with NextCloud

  • Remote collaboration made easy
  • On-premises or cloud
  • Customizable and scalable
  • No data leaks to third parties

Working with your own Clouds offer three main advantages

  1. The seamless syncing of your Calenders, Contacts, Files, (Notes & Photos) across multiple devices.
  2. Collaboration between users, so that multiple users can work on the same file. There are apps that expand on this functionality, e.g.:
    Rich Documents Code
    Collectives App
    Integration Whiteboard App
    Integration Collaboard App
  3. Then the all important Security & Privacy
NextCloud Security Scan Results in Detail, After Server Hardening
Nextcloud Security Scan Results Details